Sakura Wars So Long My Love: The Plot, Gameplay and Features

Sakura Wars So Long My Love Wallpaper

This game is about a group of women who pose as Broadway actors and when called upon, warriors for a covert operations called New York Combat Revue, Star Division. In some parts of the game, you take a break from fighting demons and participate in some of the Broadway activities. It takes place in 1928 New York, and it’s infested with demons. They have long battled these demons that have existed all over the world and have reeked havoc wherever they are. In this case, a warlord is controlling them, trying to take over America and make it his kingdom. They get a young man, Shinjiro Taiga, who is not what they expect and is a transfer from the Tokyo branch; needless to say, he must prove himself to endure with the New York Combat Revue, Star Division.

You play as new guy Shinjiro as you try to save New York from the demons set to destroy the city and at the same time, prove yourself to the people at New York Combat Revue, Star Division. One thing he has going for him, is on one of his first missions after his transfer, Shinjiro rescues one of his teammates. He does so well, in fact, that he’s put in charge of these women, who think he’s worthless.

This game has 8 chapters where, at the beginning of each, you are given a problem to solve. Without any instructions given, you have to figure some way to solve your problem. Each chapter takes about 2 hours to complete, with each boss battle taking about 30-45 minutes to complete.

Here is a review of the game that better explains what the game is all about:

The game has been well received by both critics and gamers alike; receiving a 9 out of 10 from, a 75 out of 100 from Metascore, and 4 stars out of 5 from Amazon. One thing that has gotten the most praise about Sakura Wars V: So Long, My Love, is the dialogue choice system. It’s been praised as being advanced. One reviewer said that BioWare could learn a thing or two from this game.

Because of the limited save option, however, the game’s dialogue choices are rather set in stone. You have to wait for checkpoints that happen about mid-way through each of the chapters. If you make a decision, you can’t change your mind unless you would like to replay almost an hour’s worth of the chapter.

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